Having used the book The New Decor as a starting point I started off the overall construction of my Introduction. I knew my introduction would be ever changing in accordance with how my essay took form.

I decided to start off by a small presentation of the artist and his work. This was initiated with what I had learnt in The New Decor, it gave me an overview of the message that Chaimowicz was aiming to show in all of his pieces: the restriction of the separation of art and life. This was enhanced by a reference I found in an article by Pécoil, 2012, which explained Chaimowicz took a lot of inspiration from Robert Rauschenberg and his views on art and life. This provided me with an basis for the description part of my essay.

Part one of my introduction focused on a “description” of artist and his practice. I did not want to go into full detail about his life and practice because I did not find it enhancing enough for the eventual reader of the essay. Instead I picked out key points and ideas that I thought could be of interest or would link to my writing further on. This included not only his link with Rauschenberg but also his main medium use and how he takes on board the notions of interiors within his work. I added again another phrase from the book The New Decor stating how the use of Chaimowicz’s flat as his studio as a continuous aesthetic exploration where daily activities are therefore put into greater importance.

I felt another key aspect to include in my introduction was what a broad artist he is, not only in practice but also in his use of space and environment as key areas he explores. This leads to a visual transportation for the viewer which makes Chaimowicz’s work easily transition between the 20th and 21st century.

I finished off my introduction on talking about my three areas of study. I felt this would help me link efficiently into the first section of my main body. I can point out here that in my first draft I discussed using the themes of Expatriation and Sexuality however I was unclear on my third route of study. As time went on this evolved into the crossover between fine arts and decorative arts, a theme which I found of interest and was highlighted several times within his artwork and throughout articles I had explored.


Bibliography for the Introduction 

Bell K, Foster H, Kuo M, Lange C, Sherwin S, Botfield A, Lauson C, Luckett H, Parry R, Rugoff R (2010) The New Décor : Hayward Publishing, London

A book centred around the exhibition The New Decor held in The Hayward Gallery, London. This book gave an insightful overview into the work of Chaimowicz and also focussed on his piece Bibliothèque.

Pécoil V., ‘Marc Camille Chaimowicz : The World of Interiors’ Critique d’Art, Volume No 31, January 2012

An article that discusses the book The World of Interiors by Marc Camille Chaimowicz. It is split into three parts, and examines the use of interiors within Chaimowicz’s work, how he has been influenced by artist Robert Rauschenberg, a former exhibition at Approach Road in London and finally his use of his apartment as his studio.


This website provides a small overview of the artist and includes a short biography of the artist, galleries and details of in which collections he features in. Although short, this website provides the means to get a global picture of Chaimowicz and the scale of his work within the art world.



This article discusses how Chaimowicz’s work creates space and environment through his use of mediums. It also talks about the public and private within his work and the strong French influence within his pieces.


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