I have started of my thought process for my essay thinking about my culture and background and aiming to answer the question Who am I thought my body of work. However I knew this would not be the most suitable topic for my essay. I needed to widen my idea whilst incorporating my theme. This lead me to look at a book called Contemporary Art and Memory by Joan Gibbons. This book was split into chapters, I read Autobiography, Traces, Revisions and Postmemory and from these I created brainstorms.

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I found this book extremely helpful and insightful. It gave me a very different approach to Art and Memory and laid out clearly the artists I could use. The contents of the book were well laid out and clear and the writer had added in images to complement her ideas and thoughts.

However I was stopped in my tracks when I had a tutorial with Hannah on the essay subject. She had a look at my work and my current research and suggested I take a different route. She thought my essay would be stronger if I focussed on one artist or did an artist comparison in order to keep my practice more open. Marc Camille Chaimowicz and Matthew Darbyshire were the ideas of artists that inspired me and influenced my work so I decided to focus on Marc Camille Chaimowicz because I felt I could relate with his work. Hannah then proposed I set it out in the form of a critical analysis. I thought of this as a challenge as I have never completed something of this nature before, this became my starting point.


Gibbons, J, (2009) Contemporary Art and Memory, I B Tauris & Co Ltd


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