These are all the screen prints I have completed from my first session of screen printing. I have split them into three different categories.

The first four designs are the simplest designs I have created. They use block colour and just a single layer of flowers. Here my aim was to try out the colour palettes, see what worked well and did not work well together and discover my pattern on paper. I was extremely happy without these turned out, my experimental stage of my work was very successful and looked luxurious and elegant on paper.

_MG_8598_MG_8603 _MG_8611_MG_8605

My next port of call was to mix the layers up and use two layers of flowers on my work. I firstly printed to block flower pattern (all four flowers) then taped up three of them leaving me one. This flower I then randomly selected its position sometimes planning it other times it was where the acetate fell. I came to realise the two lighter colours of green and white did not mix so clearly together and at times became difficult to distinguish. Although I thought this would be the case also with the green and grey it did not happen. I am most happy with the grey background piece in this section, I feel the colour palette I selected was the right one and the random positioning of the flowers worked to my advance and layered on well.

_MG_8596 _MG_8595_MG_8602

Finally I decided to be more adventurous in these pieces and try and do a sponge effect as I had seen in Chaimowicz’s work. In some ways I feel this was successful and worked well with what I was attempting to create. However as pieces in themselves I do not like them as much as my clean cut ones as I feel they are messy in comparison. For the final piece of this group I attempted to use the purple line to act as a block over the flower pattern. Unfortunately this did not work well and remains my least successful screen print in this whole series.

_MG_8599 _MG_8608_MG_8609

For my next designs, I would like to experiment using more colours and forms. With some of these screen prints I may work on them further creating more tone and line and see where it will take me. I am happy with the outcome but I feel I need to research more in order to improve my overall style and finish.


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