Looking at Chaimowicz’s work in detail, I wanted to see how he created his patterns and therefore how pattern is constructed in his work. I would try and use this formula to generate my own pattern.

This pattern is very simplistic in terms of construction. It has two layers, a background and a foreground, and uses two colours, pink and black. The detail on top I personally feel has been drawn however it is unsure whether it is screen printed, hand drawn upon a background or maybe even digitally scanned and then produced.The pattern does stand out due to the colours and also the intricate detail. The use of thick and thin lines creates tone and that brings into use the plain pink colour. I feel this also give some relief to the image as a whole making it more 3D.


Source :http://www.wallpapersbyartists.com/index.php?/patternsartists/003-marc-camille-chaimowicz/

The second piece I will look at is called Pavilion. This is the one that I found the most inspirational in terms of looking at layers and piecing layers together. I find Chaimowicz’s work well constructed and concise and even though his pattern could be called complex, it is in many ways easy to deconstruct each layer. The colours work together taking into account that blue and orange and green and pink respectively are complementary colours and therefore highlight each other. There is also a distinct difference in techniques between the drawn and block colour pavilions alongside the sponge and painterly effects.


Source : http://www.serpentinegalleries.org/press/2015/02/maharam-serpentine-galleries-wallpaper-frieze-new-york-2015

Finally I selected to look at this pattern due to its many layers and colours. Although the majority of the colours have pale tones they work together positively. This I feel is highlighted by the use of the red centre which is repeated throughout the pattern. It has a very art deco pale yellow pattern but a more modern spotted background. Chaimowicz has mixed the old with the new and created a unique but bright pattern. It works well on the umbrella and attires to the shape of it however I do not think it would produce the same effect if it was shown on a wall or surface.





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