In order to help me progress on my ideas, I decided to set up a space in the studio in which I could work and put images and work on the walls to help inspire my practice and continue working on my final major project. I started off by putting images of the work of Marc Camille Chaimowicz on the wall because he has been my overall starting point in terms of choice of relevant artist for my practice. I chose several images both looking at interiors and pattern design from his work and of course Jean Cocteau which I have found so far to be the most motivating.

I then had a think about what other artists inspired me and also which ones could I link back to Chaimowicz. My mind then fell on Gaudi. In the summer I went to Barcelona and was lucky enough to go and look around the Casa Batlló, it was especially rich in context and composition and lent itself to the theme of interiors which I am studying. I really took to the aesthetic modernist designs and the thought process which Gaudi went through to create his masterpiece. I decided to print out some of my personal images and lay them out next to my current visual mind map. This was intriguing as I started to notice how similar the forms and patterns were. The water colour style mosaics linked back strongly to the intricate and well thought out detail of Chaimowicz’s patterns, the complex design that created something quite relaxing and peaceful although chaotic at the same time. This also took me back to water reflections which create again simple yet complex designs, I used one photo of the wall in the Casa Batlló meant to evoke the notion of reflection and water and put next to it some of my personal images of a swimming pool I took during the summer. The forms seen in some of Chaimowicz’s interiors, especially the form of the chair and the line used in Jean Cocteau, linked me back to the use of form in Gaudi’s overall structure. It evoked for me the notion of Art Deco which I will be exploring further in my research.

As a designer I felt it crucial to link to an important designer that I know of. I chose to put up images of the work of Concetta Gallo, an interior product designer who came to talk to us in an Industry Friday earlier last year. I thought her talk was intriguing and motivating and I really appreciated her pieces and her methods of working. I felt her pattern work could be linked in some ways to Chaimowicz’s work mainly in terms of the complexity and overlaying of images to create a whole.


I found making my wall a great starting point for my work and especially in terms of making it has inspired me to go forth with my ideas and research. I think before this point I was at somewhat of a dead end, not knowing really where to turn with my practice. Having these alternative but similar artist references has helped me to start introducing research methods and therefore inform my greater practice.


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