On Monday 9th November we were asked to bring in a presentation of a part of our research which we felt could be vital to the class. Although I did not have time to present to the class I have uploaded here my notes and my presentation centred around the journal in Art Review, Marc Camille Chaimowicz by Pablo Lafuente.

Here is my presentation – JC – MCC

My presentation notes:


I then had a tutorial with Hannah. We discussed briefly what I had been doing for my essay and I explained at what point I was up too and also what resources I was waiting for. Hannah encouraged me to explore the British Library to gather further books that are no longer in print. After this we talked about where I was with making, I explained briefly some of my ideas but she told me it is important to make and visit galleries and this is what I should focus on in the forthcoming week.


After my tutorial with Hannah, I was lucky enough to have a tutorial with visiting artist, Mark Beldon. We talked about his work and that he exhibits in a domestic setting and how that enhanced his work. He appreciates how his work juxtaposes with the domestic which is why he loves working like this. I talked him through my work and showed him both my William Morris interior and also my pattern work during the summer. He helped me to gather more artists and designers that could link to my pieces including Dexter Dalwood and Mark Titchner, and told me about several galleries he has explored that have art in a domestic setting. These included The Red House, The Goldfinger House and a small secret flat at the top of Raven Row gallery! I am eager now to discover all these gallery spaces to help me link other artists and designers into my work. I spoke to Mark about my essay work and he told me to try and contact Four Corners books to make a link with Chaimowicz. It is something I am considering to see if I can speak to the artist himself about the pieces.

I felt I really gained from having a tutorial with Mark and it has helped me to broaden my artist spectrum and also what I am uncovering though my more practical work. His knowledge was inspiring and it was great to talk to someone who also works with domestic settings! I will definitely be taking more opportunities to talk to both visiting artists and artists in residence.



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