I feel recently I have neglected my practice and have been concentrating all my energy on my essay. This, I’ve found, has made me realise that I need to start working on the first part of my final major project.

Having looked so in depth at the artist Marc Camille Chamowicz for my essay I find myself completely inspired to create my work. The piece that has caught my eye the most has been Jean Cocteau, this is a room that Chamowicz produced for the famous French writer Jean Cocteau. This idea brings me back to my project from last year centring around William Morris wallpapers and my creation of a wallpaper and design spanning from my research on him. I found this research and practice highly informative and relevant to what I would like to look at in the future.

After consideration I have decided that it would be interesting to continue my research by discovering historical or political figures and formulating wallpapers for them. I have established a brainstorm for my ideas that I can elaborate on however can be a suitable base for my work.




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