On Monday the 19th October we had our brief launch for Present and Promote with the Photography Students. In this session we were faced with a live brief, to help select the artists for the forthcoming artist talks.

We were firstly split into three groups of three and each group would look at either CVs, Cover Letters or Artist Statements. My group was to look at artist statements and highlight the positives and negatives from each artist that had applied to do a talk.

We figured out that something not too complex and not too long was easier to digest and capture the attention of the person reading it. If it was too long or went off subject the reader would be more likely to lose attention and not read the entire statement. All main points should be set out in the first paragraph and grammar and spelling were key to a more professional piece of writing. This includes paying attention to font and presentation within your document. Make sure you understand exactly who you are writing to and what you are applying for. If you stray and do not discuss the work in hand or what you would want to look at in your talk it becomes more unhelpful than explanatory.


This class was very informative as it enabled us to discuss and explore how people present themselves and the right way to present ourselves professionally. This gave us a positive insight to what was expected of us and how we could create our CV, cover letters and artist statements.


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