This week I presented all my research from the last week.

Powerpoint 14.10.15

I found the powerpoint went successfully and my research was well received. I was told to explore in further detail luxury and commodity, the idea of don’t need but want. Hannah suggested looking further in detail about the creation of space referencing back to the work of Chaimowicz and his creation of a space for author Jean Cocteau. I was also guided to looking back into the work of Matthew Darbyshire and the idea of the domestic, looking at the relationship between human and interiors. This led to suggestions about looking at peoples most precious possessions.

In the afternoon I had a tutorial with Hannah to talk about my essay. I told her I was thinking of looking into interiors but I did not know how to look at this within my essay. She suggested I focus on one artist such as Marc Camille Chaimowicz or Matthew Darbyshire. I could look into availability and reproducibility or pattern. Hannah suggested to stick to the PEEL system if I was to do a critical review.

P – Point

E – Support with Evidence

E – Explain

L – Link to next point

I found today especially helpful in the continuation of my work and of my essay. I am glad I got the opportunity to fully talk about the essay and finally have a good idea of exactly where I want to go in order to start my research on this topic.


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