Source: http://www.artbook.com/9781853322853.html

The New Décor is a exhibition which was held at the Hayward Gallery in London, the gallery produced a book which I came across in the library also called The New Décor. The aim of this exhibition was to show art that revisits and reinvents day to day object in society. It looked into attitudes in which we as humans furnished our spaces and places whilst remixing aesthetic codes and categories. It explores the themes of cultural form and social and psychological narratives. The exhibition finally aimed to look at how the world outside changes how we form our space inside.

The book took us through several different artists that had taken part in this exhibition. I was particularly enthralled by four of them.

The first artist I want to discuss is Angela Bulloch and her piece Smoke Spheres 2:4 created in 2009. Her light arrangement is not purely decorative but it based on the painting White Disk 2 by Bridget Riley. Each light on Bulloch’s work mimics a black circle on white canvas on Riley’s work. She has also created a sound element with her work which is not a relaxing sounds such as lounge music to calm the viewer but a communal sound such as the television to act as a domestic space.

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The next artist is Marc Camille Chaimowicz. Chaimowicz has been creating work since 1970 and negotiating boundaries between art and life.His flat is his ongoing exploration into this topic where rituals of daily life gained importance, his interior became an set for staging an assumed identity. He exhibits elements from his idealised interiors. He has also created an imaginary apartment for Jean Cocteau using his own sculptures, wallpaper and furnishings.

The piece that caught my eye is called Bibliothèque (Green) (Pink). These pieces of furniture are conventional examples of his sculpture work, functional but resist the banal. He uses an art deco theme and decorative colouring to create an intimate relationship with the viewer. The comma like feet help to enhance this theme. This is neither furniture nor sculpture but a fusion between both.


Source: https://www.tumblr.com/tagged/marc-camille

Next I looked at light installation artist Spencer Finch.Finch recreates light conditions at a certain place or time using observational technical measurements. He aims to stimulate the senses in scenes that resonate poetry. His piece below called Night Sky (Over the painted desert, Arizona, January 11th 2004) turns away from the obvious natural phenomenon and creates clusters that are not starts but visualisations of molecular structures, atoms are further than starts so he feels the have more significance. Finch uses 401 dimmed bulbs to create this particular piece.

By David Levene 13/6/10

Source : http://www.artslant.com/global/artists/show/2888-spencer-finch


Source: http://www.jamescohan.com/artists/spencer-finch

The final artist I explored is Scottish artist Jim Lambie. Lambie creates a series of floor pieces using vinyl tape, these are captivity complexed in form but include such textures which emanate an exotic and sensory allure. The pieces capture the irregularities of the floor and show offbeat rhythms of line and hue. The fact this piece doubles as a floor makes it even more dominant.


Source : http://mgnsw.org.au/articles/biennale-bubs/

Throughout looking at this book I have learnt that Decor does not necessarily have to be mainstream. All of these piece have meaning and dominance but still embrace the theme of more modern design, useful but resisting banal. I appreciate how all of these works can easily fill a room without being cluttered. I found this exhibition book inspiring and a great base for my practice, it was a shame I could not see it at the gallery itself.


Bell, K, Foster H, Kuo M, Lange C, Sherwin S, The New Décor, 2010, Hayward Publishing, London




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