I now have to decide three route where I want to go with my work. In all honesty Im not 100% sure of exactly the route I want to take.

My first route would look at visual merchandising and how it affects consumerism. I would look into what do people want, are we more inclined to buy something if it is visually well represented? How is this contributing to our consumer society? How does Visual Merchandising effect and influence the consumer society? This could be represented in many ways, I wonder whether looking more into depth at commodity fetishism and luxury could enable me to do this. How could I create work that mirrors this phenomenon. Can I bring back the work of Matthew Darbyshire and his interest in museum collections to invent my own collection? There is a number of different paths I need to be invested to follow and I feel I will figure this out after my presentation.

My second route of study would be explore how rooms cater to certain needs and how I could reproduce this. I would look into catering a room to someone with a learning disability, the elderly, a hospital etc. This would be similar to Marc Camille Chaimowicz’s work where he tailored a room to Jean Cocteau.

My third and last route would revolve around a certain theme such as memory and the creation of textile from there. This is my simplest theme but I feel it opens the most door for me in terms of where I can go in my FMP as well as my essay.



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