My next discovery was into American artist Matthew Brannon. Primarily a graphic artist he looks also into interior set ups and installations. His work contains the aesthetics of graphic art whilst bridging a gap between social ideas and personal crisis, he somewhat challenges a void between language and actuality. Although highly decorative, his work aims to be a weak mask for emotional depletion.

I took particular interest in several of his pieces.

The first are two interior setups, Rat (2008) and Unknown Knowns (2012) and the other and Installation called Frame of Reference (2013). My favourite is called Unlearn (2012) which due to copyright reasons on his website is one of the only ones I could find an image of.


Unlearn (2012)

Source: http://archivioagogo.tumblr.com/post/49114524338/matthew-brannon-unlearn-2012-wood-enamel

I wish I could reach further into the background of this piece because I would love to know the true meaning behind the objects contrasted with the wallpaper. I find the wallpaper inciting and exciting and the shelves an alternative storage method which attracts quickly the eye. I found out this piece was exhibited as part of the Casey Kaplan exhibition at the Frieze Art Fair making me wonder if it has links to the exhibition Gentleman’s Relish explained in the next image.


Source: http://www.wallpaper.com/art/matthew-brannon-show-at-casey-kaplan-new-york

This image is from Casey Kaplan Gallery and a show “Gentleman’s Relish” in which Brannon tries to replay a graphic noir murder mystery involving a sexually frustrated private detective following a sexually deviant dentist. The whole gallery plays role to this tales that Brannon has invented and told using a number of different mediums.


The Ventriloquist (2012)

Source : http://www.officebaroque.com/exhibitions/46/matthew-brannon-the-ventriloquist

The eye catching flamingo wallpaper contrasts well with the graphic image on the wall, filling up the room without their being anything on the floor. It is a really simple design but so effective and I know as an artist I tend to think up very complex imagery whereas this is so simple and it entices me more than some of his more complex work. Could something more simple be the key to my success as an artist?

The piece is part of a larger body of work also titled The Ventriloquist, the work exhibited again at Casey Kaplan Gallery looks into a narrative thread and psychoanalysis, Brannon takes on the themes of failure, misfortune, desire and emotional contradictions.









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