Seb Patane is an Italian artist who lives in London. He completed his BA at Central Saint Martins and his Masters at Goldsmiths both based in London, he has been a practicing artist for 15 years. Patane works with a range of media and does not limit himself to one , he however appreciates video and sound work which feature highly in his practice.

He works also a lot using installation where he starts from a reappropriation such as a lost image, an image that has been overlooked and aims to give it a new life. This is shown through his performance piece using King Edward’s coffin at Kings Cross, he used sections of the image to provide the choreography and these images were part of an installation piece which is added to by a base of 2d work and photo on canvas where he works on the top.

Narrative and fiction are two themes that feature highly in Patane’s work, he appreciates the juxtaposition of reality and fiction in the same piece. This leads to video pieces such as Bookclub Fog which is inspired by Anna Kavan’s book Fog.  He feels rhythm is crucial in his pieces and the dynamics on how the elements work together, composition is extremely important to make his pieces work. Patane shows this in his work Year of the Corn in which he uses a juxtaposition of a masculine mask with clothes patterns as a more feminine starting point. He also introduces a 2d drawing aspect in this video as well.

In terms of the creation of his piece he is collecting objects all the time, this even includes objects in his friends backyard. He explains to us there is no harm in reusing our own artwork again and again, he feels there is a lot of unnecessary pressure to create new work every time we create new pieces but he thinks that there is no necessity for work to be 100% pure.

I thought Patane’s talk was very interesting. I really appreciated his video work and I was surprised how much as I am not usually a fan of video art but his videos really engaged me. I really liked how he took on his themes and their content. He had exciting backgrounds to his work and I feel he worked hard on the sounds too which I took particular notice of.I like his idea of giving a photo a new lease of life by reapproprating it, I feel it gives the photos and their contents a chance to live on. I was also encouraged by his comment on how we should never be afraid to used artwork again and never consider it as a failure. Overall a positive first artist talk of the year.


Focus Section, Fonti, London October 2013

Source: http://www.sebpatane.com/selectedworks/Focus_v2.jpg

2_5 - Imperial (Enter Chorus and Actors)

Imperial (Enter Chorus and Actors)

Source : http://www.sebpatane.com/selectedworks/5%20-%20Imperial%20(Enter%20Chorus%20and%20Actors).jpg



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