Over the summer I have learnt a new technique called Foiling. Foiling is the use of foil on textiles. This however is a special kind of foil, it is like a transfer, transferring using an iron. It can be used in all manner of ways.

The first way I learnt of using foil was using a material called bondaweb. With the bondaweb I cut out a shape and placed it upon my fabric, I then placed the foil on top and some baking paper on top of that. This is what will create my transfer as the foil will stick to the stickiness. I from here created a flower and a little honeypot.


The second technique is using Super Mend which is a permanent mending material used to hem without the need for stitching. This has a salt like consistency which enables us have a more loose covering of foil. I decided to try this out on my fabric I had printed for the exhibition.


Next we experimented using glue to see if that would hold the foil and create an interesting abstract pattern. However it did not work and the glue created more of a sticky mess than anything else.


We then tried a thinner glue which dried quicker and it was not completely successful but more in the right direction.


In order to enhance my experimentation a little, I embroided  on top of one of the foil experiments I had achieved. I really enjoyed how this experiment turned out and how it looked, I thought it added something extra to the experiment I had completed.



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