Knowing about the forthcoming exhibition in September, I wanted to think how I could make my designs accessible to a viewer and how they could be drawn in by them. Having previously worked in installation and vowing never to take on the challenge of such a piece ever again I in fact decided to that an installation piece would be highly effective. I have become increasingly interested in design and print and surface design following my work with textiles in my second years project which took on William Morris and the textile industry.

I visualised quickly the design I envisioned in the gallery space however I knew it was going to be a challenge. I did not know exactly where I had been placed in the space itself and I would arrive in the area only two weeks before the opening night.

I started off my thought process by looking at interior design work and layout. I know I wanted to use both the wall and also a table to show my work.

I wanted my space to be quite inviting but as I know myself the design would be simplistic and the centre of the whole piece would be the design I have created personally.

I started to research the layouts and design of home interiors on the internet to see what advice it could offer me.


Source : https://www.pinterest.com/pin/323766660684954760/

I loved this kitchen setting and its rustic theme. The grey talks to the wood texture and it creates something quite simple yet extremely aesthetic. From this design I will take away the clever use of table runners and also the centre piece decoration. I also like the grey colour scheme.


Source : http://www.einrichten-design.de/de/kelim-kissen-ferm-living.html

This design automatically caught my eye due to the big and bold geometric shapes. This room has been laid out effectively and I appreciate the different elements that are brought together within this. It has an effect and feeling it gives out to the viewer of comfort and relaxing, this is the effect I am considering aiming to include in my piece to enhance the viewer experience.


Source: https://fr.pinterest.com/pin/303289356128761347/

These pots have inspired me because now I know I can enhance any normal object by adding paint to it. It adds something unique that makes them different and appealing. It can definitely work matching with a colour theme because we can match our everyday objects to our style and colour palette. It has inspired me to use this idea going forward in my work.


Source: http://www.archiwohnen.de/14967/natur-erfahren/


Source: http://islandofwhite.blogspot.co.uk/2012_07_01_archive.html

The two wall designs here really caught my eye as a different way to explore the use of the wall as part of a design. I like the fact in both of them objects are the main pieces and not necessarily images. The lines and colours throughout both, especially in the latter, are strong and bold and its an alternative way to show off personal possessions.

I knew I wanted my design to incorporate lots of different elements and I did want it to have a professional but handmade look to it. I have worked up in my head a certain design that I want however actually producing to my exact standards will be a challenge and I am not sure I have the skills to complete something as complex. This is not going to stop me trying.


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