My starting point of my piece was to decide the colour theme that would dictate my whole body of work. I knew from my fabric choice I wanted grey and pink to be my predominant colours, I think they are sophisticated colours and contrast each other particularly well. I had thought about choosing two of my different designs to create my piece but I finally decided on two the same in different colour palettes. Unfortunately my other designs did not complement each other as these did.

colourtry4.2 Colourtry4.1

The starting point for me was the creation the wine bottle I had envisioned as my centre piece. Doing some research I found that painting the wine bottle would give a great effect in a table setting. I decided to have a go with some recycled wine bottles painting them grey. I knew this was not enough to be enticing to the viewer so I added at the top of the bottles grey leather. The outcome was positive. The bottles looked classy and neat and would make a great piece for my table. I had made two and when I finally assembled my table I would decide how and where and if they would be placed.


On a trip to the art shop afterwards I came across a table runner which was named “cheveux d’ange” literally angel hair. The bright pink colour stood out for me and I thought it could match really well in my colour scheme and looked more elegant than a table cloth especially considering my table was a grey colour.

My next challenge was what else would I put on the table. It needed to look like an interior design set up and encompass my pattern. I explored several interior product shops to gather ideas, these included Ikea and Alinea. As I had thought about using the wall I wanted to get some frames to make my pattern stand out, I picked up some thick black rimed frames in Ikea. I thought the images shown in the display stood out really well when placed in these frames and I wanted to see how my design would look. After returning to the space and framing the two images I currently had printed I thought they looked great on the wall I did notice however my work could be enhanced if I had three frames instead of two. I sought out a place to get another printed so my piece would look more evenly balanced.


I knew my table looked extremely empty and I needed to fill it effectively but quickly as the exhibition day was fast approaching. I carried on my journey by finding different pieces to dress the table, I brought two wine glasses, two candles, two big and two small plates. Taking inspiration from some pots I had looked at that had been enhanced by paint I decided to paint each of the objects grey in some way. The glass plates I painted on the bottom so that they still looked like glass on the top and then I placed beads all the way around the edge. This job was tedious and very time consuming however I appreciated the outcome at the end. The looked professional although I am not sure they could be used as a real object due to the delicate bead work.

Moving on I painted around near the top and the bottom of the wine glasses creating a middle section. From here I beaded around the lines I had made. These were a lot harder to manipulate due to the shape, the lines that I created with the paint were not straight I tried to cover these with my bead work. Next time I would try and use a different technique to help me get straight edges from my paint work.


My fabric finally arrived and I started to get to work sewing all the parts essential for my cushions and my small table mats, This task took me a full day but I was really happy with the outcome, I had chosen a cotton grey to back my cushions and I was going to try out a different technique when sewing them together. For the front of my cushions I used the fabric that I had printed. I was really happy with how it had turned out although I would have liked it to be a little brighter I will keep this in the mind for next time. The making of the cushions went smoothly and the parts fitted together well however next time I would make the backing part longer at the top so to cover completely the inner. Being the first time I had made table mats I found it quite challenging to work out how I could place the pieces together to create what I wanted. By this time I had managed to get the hand of sewing in quite a straight line so the edges of my pieces turned out neat. The inside part was a little harder and my sewing was no where near as neat, I feel however they were still successful.


This is the moment I started to set up my table, I had a few ideas about how I wanted to look but I kept setting it up in different ways that visually did not work. After asking for suggestions I was told to try and set it up as a dinner table. I had brought two of everything so I thought I would give it a try. The symmetry worked extremely well and I felt like it was the right setting for my table. Although I did not envision this at the beginning it turned out to be extremely positive feedback which really helped me in the improvement of my artwork. From here I brought and beaded some cutlery to add to the dinner table setting I had produced.


I had separated my painted photographs but was encouraged at the end to add them to my piece. This was tricky for me because I had not visualised my work like this. I mounted my painted photographs on mount board and used spray glue to stick them down. I had decided to display them as a square, the bold designs were on opposite corners to break up the composition slightly and it not to be too one sided.


Bringing all my elements together I am really happy with how my piece looks. I am happy with the feedback I got and how I decided to place each piece in the end. It has all come into place really well and looks strong against the background of the exhibition space. Next time there is several things I would do. I would take more advantage of the wall space that I have to use maybe adding in more home decor elements that would just enhance how it looks.I am pleased with how it flows and how looks appealing to the eye. The grey and pink has worked out well for me and looks great next to my own design.




Photographs taken by Arthur Trombetta


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