From my previous work I have decided to take my designs one step further.

Earlier in year two I worked on painting photographs and these were extremely well received, I wanted to play with this idea again so I decided to have my photos printed out in A3 to see how I could manipulate them using acrylic paint as I did before.

This was a challenging but enjoyable task, It was hard on a black and white photo to know exactly which direction I wanted to take each piece as I did not know their original colour. This was also exciting as I took the colours from my imagination feeling as if I am working on a theme of nostalgia and memory, asking myself to dive into my thoughts and feelings and how I was affected at the time I took the picture. What colours did I imagine they were.

_MG_8372 edit

From the painting I have manipulated it in photoshop to reproduce my pattern in colour.


I am really taken by my first attempt at a pattern using digital and manual manipulation. I think it works extremely well and plays on all the aspects that I aimed for. It has inspired me to continue with the work I am doing, it is a time consuming process to paint the images but how I have seen this one turn out makes me motivated to work on my other prints.



I am not so happy with how this print has turned out. I feel the red maybe too bold and it is hard to distinguish the blue and green on such a small scale. I do still appreciate the pattern but I think maybe I need to tone down the colours rather than making them flashy and bold. Moving on from this I know I have to be careful with my colour palette and how I place the colours on the artwork.



This time my image is a lot simpler. It takes into account complementary colours which I felt would be an effective way to take on the colour issue I had previously. When asking for feedback this image has a more uncomfortable effect on the viewer. This was not at all my aim throughout my series of work. However I feel the colours work well on each other and it gives an interesting effect when made into a pattern.


Colourtry4.1 colourtry4.2

My last pattern I feel is the most successful. Although the original was complexed to paint and create I think the two designs I have made are bold and visually attracting. I was not so pleased with my original photo and was concernedĀ that some of my more patchy colours would show up in my final design. I am pleased that this is not the case and the colours are delicate and stand out.

My next port of call is to get two of my designs printed on fabric ready for an exhibition I am doing in September.


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