I have started to become increasingly interesting in exploring Culture and Identity as my main theme of my third year project.

Thinking about this theme I have re-found some photos I took of my Mothers hometown in Scotland. These sparked many memories for me having grown up going on journeys to this town to visit my grandparents.

I looked through the photos and I felt a strong connection to the ones I took of the harbour. I felt the black and white images captured the “working” effect of the harbour and the older methods of catching fish rather than what we are using nowadays.

From these I selected five photos I would edit. These photos for me captured my love of exploring this space but also my thoughts of a “working”  environment.

IMG_75041 IMG_75141 IMG_75161 IMG_75231 IMG_75271

After editing I did not feel they really mirrored what I wanted to explore and how I wanted to explore them. I thought back to pattern and textile which I was looking into before the summer break and from here my aim was to be able to create an image that was more visually appealing and also took into account the photos that I had taken.

From here I will go on to explore how I can manipulate my images to make them more design based.


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