As I have previously discussed, my aim is to look into more digital pattern design work around the theme of my culture and identity.

The first image I have chosen to explore is the one below. It shows old fishing lines that were placed at the side of the harbour. Although not one of my first chosen images, the patterns within intrigued me to look at and how the lines are tangled around each other attracted my eye. I thought this could be an interesting starting point.


From here I used Photoshop to manipulate my image, using the rotation and flip tools I have created a pattern design.


This image for me has become interesting and for the viewer I feel it could have a memorising effect. Looking back on my old work I would describe it as having a rather Art Nouveau especially in its black and white form. Along with this I feel it strongly encompasses a optical illusion aspect which is aided by the repeat pattern. What I appreciate most about my work here is the fact the image looks nothing like its original image, for me it becomes more complexed and the effect of repetition brings it to life. I think it pulls strength from its visual perspective and for the viewer becomes a piece you can visually explore. It reminds me of M.C Esher’s work as it can be viewed from many angles and the more you look at it the more you can discover.

The next piece I have chosen to explore is again not in my earlier selection as I felt it encompassed a stronger bolder pattern rather than being an image for one to help discover a place. It is no longer about voyage as seen directly by the viewer although I feel I encompass an exploration for myself as an artist and a exploration for the viewer as they look at my work.

This is the image I have selected


From here I have again taken it into photoshop and manipulated it using the rotate and flip tools.


This pattern for me is more simplistic than its preceder however I do not feel it is any less effective. I feel the viewer would have difficulty seeing the exact original image however even with the current two photos I have created I think they could establish a link between them. I like the fact of having this common link because I feel it reaches back to what my goal is within my display. Although I do not want the viewer to be able to immediately identify my photos I appreciate the fact that by looking closer they can draw on some factors of my overall theme.

My next photo is again another strong pattern, this time taken from my original selection. It is such a obvious image that I was concerned with if it would fit in with what I was exploring but also if it would fit in visually with my other images.


This is the image I have created.


I am really happy with how this image has turned out. Although it is visually simple to explore I think the grey background gives it an interesting effect that creates another dimension that I feel the other possess. The overall theme is still clearly present and the vertical lines again link it back to my other patterns. It is also refreshing to the eye to have something less complex to explore through this series.

My final image of this series is below. I am excited how this one will turn out when changed into a pattern and if it will look in or out of place against my other designs. It is a visually more complex photograph that takes into account more than one element of the fishing equipment. Having so many components could distract the viewer or make the image completely incomprehensible. This is the danger I face with this photo.



I did not have to have my previous worries, although it is definitely more complexed as an image it works as a whole. As the previous it fits in with its vertical aspect and this time with its gridded pattern. I appreciate the fact it has a complex component aspect as it creates something more visually explorational for the viewer. For me this design verges on Indian patterns and cloth designs, it is something that could be used as tiling on a floor or even wallpaper. I think this design could be worked upon in my upcoming ideas to reflect this.

Although here my work is more verging on digital design I feel that I do not want to miss out on the manual work which I also appreciate a lot. My aim through these pieces is to mix digital and manual. For me I think this is an important part of who I am as an artist and what techniques I feel I want to explore further.


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