My last pieces of work from the second year were based on William Morris and the Textile Industry.

Throughout this project I based my practice on the research I had undertaken in accordance with the brief. I actually learned a lot during the course of my research and things that have become the basis of my interests in the art and design cadre.

My final outcome, I personally felt, was well executed. I know on my final piece I could have improved the quality of my cushions in order that they looked more aesthetic, on top of this I could have better matched my table and chair, however this was more about timings that about personal choice and I know this is something I will improve on for the degree show at the end of the third year.

From looking at my final piece, it would be hard for a viewer who did not know my work to understand what I had been looking at or what angle I had taken on my subject. However I feel I have linked strongly my practice and research and I think this becomes clear upon reading my blog and my statement for my exhibition. Although this is useful to have a deeper understanding of the work I do not this it is crucial. Each individual who discovers my pieces can draw a different message from them, this is the beauty of art and design how it enables a viewer to have this kind of control/

From doing this piece of work I have been inspired to continue looking at textile and surface design. It is the type of art I have enjoyed doing the most throughout university and I feel it may be what I want to look into throughout my final major project. I also appreciated having a strong research base to back up my work and I think this helped me in obtaining a more solid outcome in my work.


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